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Explanation of Mobile Mix Process

You can order 1 to 10 yards of concrete from us.  Our truck has various bins on it containing water, aggregate, sand and cement.  When we arrive at your location and you are ready for concrete, we turn on our batch on board auger to mix the materials and out comes concrete.  When you have enough concrete, we turn off the machine leaving all the remaining raw materials sitting in their bins. If you don’t need the concrete at your job site, we don’t mix it an pour it.

Either the truck can back up to the formed area, or concrete can be placed in wheelbarrows to be moved to the exact location you require.  If you are going to require pumping, call us and we can refer you to concrete pumping companies.

You can see in the picture on the left the controls at the back of the truck.  These controls allow the operator to change the amount of water or other materials in the concrete as it comes out.  This is how the “slump” is controlled and changed on the fly.

You can also see the various bins on the truck which hold the gray powder “cement”, the gravel, the sand and the water.