Flow Fill or CDF

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Flow Fill or CDF

Contact JOB MIX CONCRETE for your next flow fill job. Flow Fill is also known as CDF, Controlled Density Fill, Controlled Low-Strength Material, Flowable Mortar, Plastic Soil Cement and K-Krete.  The benefits of using Flow Fill or CDF

  • Flow fill or CDF does not form voids during placement, and won’t settle or rut under loading. This advantage is especially significant if the back fill in a utility trench is to be covered by a pavement patch. Soil or granular fill, if not compacted properly, may settle after a pavement patch is placed and forms cracks or dips in the road.

  • Controlled Density Fill mix designs can be adjusted to meet specific requirements and a variety of performance characteristics.

  • Workers can place Controlled Low-Strength Material in a trench without entering the trench, reducing their exposure to possible cave-ins.

  • Depending on the type and location of void to be filled, flow fill can be placed by chute, conveyor, pump, or bucket. Because flowable fill is self-leveling, it needs little or no spreading or compacting. This speeds construction and reduces labor requirements.

  • Flowable fill allows narrower trenches because it eliminates having to widen trenches to accommodate compaction equipment and laborers in the trench.

  • Unlike soil or granular backfill,Controlled Density Fill, can be placed without rollers, loaders, or tampers.

And it can be delivered in the volumes you need by JOB MIX CONCRETE in Miami