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Concrete Calculator: Determine How Much Concrete You Need

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*** Don’t forget to order an extra half yard if the concrete is going to be pumped.  That is how much concrete it takes to fill the pump and the line to get the proper amount of concrete to the pour area.

Please be as accurate as you can The concrete delivery trucks don’t always have extra concrete on board. Consider ordering a little extra if you are unsure.  The difference in volume of a slab that is 4″ deep versus 5″ deep is as much as 20% more concrete.

Slab Calculator

Suitable for: driveways, sidewalks, patios or any flat surfaces of concrete. Enter Width and Length in feet, and thickness in inches.
Formula: V = W x L x T.

Tube/Cylinder Calculator

Formula: V = PI x (W/2)^2 x H.

Square Foot Footings

Click here for SquareFoot footings specs.

Retaining Wall Calculator

Suitable for: Retaining walls, footings or any other volume of concrete. Enter Length and Height in feet, and thickness in inches.
Formula: V = L x H x T.

Bigfoot Footings Calculator

Click here for Bigfoot footings specs.